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SciFi #037: Margaret Thatcher Naked on a Cold Night


This week it’s all about genitals, as Jesse shares his experiences with testicular cancer and trying not to get an erection during his recent sonogram. Pete GeeKay proves he is an excellent sport.

SciFi #036: Hoverboards and Cupcakes


Pete GeeKay returns to discuss hoverboards! In a discussion full of 80s nostalgia and cupcakes, Jesse and Pete dissect the proliferation of devices claiming to be hoverboards to determine if the future has been made manifest or if we’re living inside a giant marketing ploy.

This podcast is now live on Google Play Music!

SciFi #035: The Nightmare of a Railway Man

SciFiwithJesseMercuryJesse has a nerdgasm over the Rogue One trailer before continuing his conversation with the creators of RadioLARP, Douglas Gale and Ryan Casey. They discuss their wasteland storyline titled ‘Another Hero,’ and drunkenly ramble through a myriad of exciting topics. This episode has more endings than a Peter Jackson movie, so make sure you stay tuned till the bitter end for a special treat! Follow Ryan on Twitter @ohRyanCasey, and Doug @DouglasWFail, and be sure to check out their excellent podcast at

SciFi #034: RadioLARP

SciFiwithJesseMercuryJesse chats with the brain trust behind RadioLARP, Douglas Gale and Ryan Casey. They discuss the three story lines featured thus far in their original radio plays (Flight Space 7, Rise of the Red Sun and Another Hero) as well as the inspiration behind their project, the awesomeness of Red Dwarf, Phillip K Dick and Godel, Escher Bach. Jesse performs ‘Lightspeed’ on harmonium. Part 1 of 2.

Synth Band Rehearsal

Here’s a behind the scenes peek into one the first rehearsals for my new SciFi synth band!

It’s time to vote for the next SciFi on Trial film!

Finding Hope on a Cold, Dead World

My friend Evan from the twitterverse recently asked me to write a guest post for his post-apocalyptic SciFi blog, the results of which ended up being a very personal story about a confluence of health issues that led to the creation of the SciFi Project. It’s an interesting read with some behind the scenes info on how this whole thing got started, and I hope you’ll check it out!

Finding Hope on a Cold, Dead World… guest post from Jesse Mercury.


SciFi #033: Holodeck and Chill


You’re in for more TNG goodness as Jesse, Audri, Ian and Kayla talk through the rest of the episodes in season 3. Also, listen to a sneak peek of Jesse’s next song, Lightspeed!

#032: The Incident at Galorndon Core


This episode is overflowing with cosmic goodness! Jesse and Audri continue their journey through Star Trek: The Next Generation, this time joined by Ian Adams and Kayla Greet as they dive in to season 3. Also, listen as Jesse unwraps his new Korg Minilogue synthesizer and gushes over his first viewing of Interstellar. As a special treat, Audri shares her unreleased new single Alvarado, the first track from her new album under the pseudonym Jeff.

Kicking off the Trial of Indiana Jones IV!


SciFi on Trial has returned, and I’m incredibly pumped about this episode! Join us for a thrilling look back at Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, as we try to determine if it was remembered fairly. Click the poster to check it out!


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