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Cosmic Child released today!

At long last my spaced out synthastic love song Cosmic Child is available! Check it out on YouTube, or stream and download from Bandcamp.

Moisture Farm now streaming!

My new single Moisture Farm is now streaming on YouTube and Bandcamp! You can also download the track on Bandcamp. It is the hottest summer jam on Tatooine, about a young moisture farmer looking up at twin sunsets and dreaming of the wider universe.

SciFi #51: My Positronic Brain


Jesse shares an original SciFi short story called ‘My Positronic Brain,’ plus a panel discussion of Star Trek: The Next Generation season 4, episodes 7 through 18. Featuring Jeff Salamander, Kayla Greet and Tiffin Perry.

SciFi #50: TNG Season 4 (Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places)

SciFiwithJesseMercuryJesse, Jeff, Kayla and Tiffin begin their whisky fueled discussion of Star Trek: The Next Generation season 4. Kayla provides proof that Data remains fully functional, Tiffin describes her night out with Riker, and Jesse shares a special musical treat.

SciFi #49: Star Trek Beyond!

SciFi #49

Immediately after their first viewing of the film, Jesse, Tiffin, Kayla, Dan and Ross sit down to capture their reactions to Star Trek Beyond.

SciFi #48: To Boldly Gay…


After the announcement that Sulu will be openly gay in the new film Star Trek Beyond, Jesse and his friends sat down to share their thoughts on the news and discuss LGBT representation in Star Trek. Featuring Kevin Hope, Sarah Lehman, Rachel McCabe and our first report from international correspondent Laura Bee.

SciFi #47: Independence Day Resurgence


Jesse and Dan break down everything they loved about Independence Day Resurgence while drinking whisky out of wine glasses (spoiler alert, it had good legs). They also revisit Bill Pullman’s immortal speech from the first film, to see if it has the same emotional impact when delivered in different accents.

Featured Guest: Stephen Manley

StephenStephen Manley is a veteran actor of over 40 years, who’s impressive SciFi credentials include his portrayal of young Spock in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. Although four actors portrayed the role at different stages of development as Spock rapidly aged, Stephen’s scenes as young Spock are the most prominent in the film and include the infamous Pon Farr moment.


He wrote, directed and produced the short film ‘Greasepaint,’ which was a finalist in the Houston International Film Festival and shown on Bravo TV. It features soldiers during World War II experiencing surrealistic moments that blur the lines between life and death in the back of a strange cabaret.

Stephen has recently experienced a renaissance in his career, with leading roles in films such as ‘Ghosthunters’ and ‘Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter’.

He can be heard in SciFi with Jesse Mercury episode #46 discussing his storied career, expounding in glorious detail upon his experiences as young Spock.





GhosthuntersRogue Warrior

Featured Guest: Hana Hatae

Hana 1 Hana Hatae is immortalized for her portrayal of Molly O’Brien in the Star Trek franchise, daughter of Miles and Keiko O’Brien. She made her debut in The Next Generation episode ‘Rascals’ in 1992, and continued to play the character on Deep Space Nine until the end of the series in 1999. She recently made her return to acting, starring in ‘5th Passenger’ and ‘Renegades.’

Hana 3

She can be heard discussing her acting experiences and life after Trek on SciFi with Jesse Mercury episode 21. 




Hana 2

SciFi #46: The Search for Stephen


To celebrate a year of podcasting, Jesse chats with the man who played young Spock from Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, Stephen Manley. He shares stories of working with Leonard Nimoy, Robin Curtis and Christopher Lloyd on set, and discusses the infamous Pon Farr scene. He fills us in on his recent work as a leading man, including the soon to be released Ghosthunters and Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter.

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