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The Skill Shot Pincast Crossover Continues!

In the second half of my crossover with the Skill Shot Pincast, Kayla, Graham and I polish off a bottle of rum and pontificate on the glories of pinball and SciFi.

#029: Snoke In A Box (The Force Awakens Special Edition)


Jesse and Jenny Krantz from SciFi on Trial dive deep into The Force Awakens in this special double length episode. Jesse shares a new work in progress version of ‘Cosmic Child.’

#028: The Skill Shot Pincast Crossover!

Skillshot It’s a multiplayer super jackpot combo podcast event, the meeting of SciFi and pinball! Jesse is joined by pinball aficionados Kayla Greet and Graham Klym, the hosts of the Skill Shot Pincast. In part one of their epic conversation they discuss the ill fortune of Ponda Baba, whether or not Data East did justice to their SciFi pinball licenses, and sing an impassioned (drunken) version of Space Oddity by the late, great Bowie. Be sure to subscribe to the Pincast to hear next week’s conclusion.

#027: Star Wars The Next Generation

2016-01-13_14.38.45After their first viewing of The Force Awakens, Jesse records his parents reaction to the film. He then seeks out the opinions of his bandmates Daniel Desrosiers and Barton McGuire, and ebulliently pontificates with the hosts of the Skillshot Pincast Kayla Greet and Graham Klym. Includes a special live recording from Jesse’s most recent performance.

SciFi with Jesse Mercury #026: The Force Awakens Goes to Broadway!

JeanIn a spoiler heavy discussion, Jean Burnet and Jesse discuss their initial impressions of The Force Awakens while polishing off a bottle of wine. Is Kylo Ren a great new villain or obnoxious man-child? Would you rather go on a date with Han Solo or Poe Dameron? Is Luke Skywalker’s long 80’s hair the biggest shock of the movie? All those questions will be answered, before they improvise a song about the film.

The Phantom Menace on Trial: The Epic Conclusion


The epic trial of The Phantom Menace reaches its glorious yet inevitable conclusion! Our panel dives deep into the murky waters of racial overtones, the film’s legacy, and fantasizes about what they would have done differently before reaching a verdict. Hosted by Jesse Mercury, co-hosted by Daniel O’Connell and featuring Ryan Casey, Jennie Krantz and Johnny Unicorn. Includes testimony from Pete GeeKay, Andrew Lee Creech, Bobby Boughner, Justin Minich and Kyle Kennedy. Head over to to listen.

The Future of Fan Films is in Jeopardy

This morning it was announced that CBS has filed a lawsuit against the Star Trek fan film Axanar, trying to force them to cease production. Up until this point, CBS has always turned a blind eye to fan productions, as they are usually produced via crowd funding and released for free. Fan films have become a thriving creative outlet, and it is extremely important that CBS not be allowed to curtail the artistic output of passionate individuals. This lawsuit has enormous implications for the future of fan films as a whole. I encourage you to sign this petition, showing our solidarity for fan films and ensuring they are not blasted into oblivion. axanar

SciFi with Jesse Mercury #025: I Believe in Idris Elba

PetePete GeeKay and Jesse discuss the current state of sexism and racism in SciFi and across modern culture. Jesse bubbles with excitement for the casting of Idris Elba as Roland Deschain in the upcoming Dark Tower film series, and plays a live version of his song ‘Oh, Susannah’ based upon the books. This episode also includes an update on Aron Eisenberg, and an impassioned diatribe on the importance of supporting Star Trek Axanar. Next week will be all about The Force Awakens, but this episode is spoiler free!


SciFi with Jesse Mercury #024: Of Time Travel and Cave Aged Cheese

SciFiwithJesseMercuryMan of the written word Pete GeeKay stops by to chat with Jesse about the rules of time travel in different universes. They wax philosophical about their last days in a world where only 6 Star Wars films exist, and battle the ghosts of audio droids from the future. Also included is a message about Aron Eisenberg (Nog from DS9), and how you can help fund his kidney transplant by going to Follow Pete on Twitter @PeteGeeKay.

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