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SciFi #54: Barney’s Guide to Brexit


Jesse debuts a new work in progress for the SciFi album, a song inspired by Firefly called “Battle Cry of the Browncoats.” Barney Britton explains Brexit to Jesse, who is woefully ill-informed.

SciFi #53: Don’t Panic


Jesse and Barney Britton discuss the various incarnations of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Barney shares a British perspective on the classic series.

Building Star Trek

The Smithsonian Channel just released their new documentary Building Star Trek, with a substantial portion of the film devoted to the Star Trek exhibit at EMP museum. I was interviewed and treated to a special sneak peek of the exhibit, and can be see towards the end of the film! You can find it here for as long as the episode is streaming.


Armageddon on Trial!


The trial of Armageddon is here! Listen at

SciFi #52: Moisture Farm


Jesse, Tiffin, Kayla and Jeff complete their discussion of Star Trek: The Next Generation season 4. Jesse shares the finished version of his new single ‘Moisture Farm,’ and a sneak peek at his next song ‘Saturn.’

Cosmic Child released today!

At long last my spaced out synthastic love song Cosmic Child is available! Check it out on YouTube, or stream and download from Bandcamp.

Moisture Farm now streaming!

My new single Moisture Farm is now streaming on YouTube and Bandcamp! You can also download the track on Bandcamp. It is the hottest summer jam on Tatooine, about a young moisture farmer looking up at twin sunsets and dreaming of the wider universe.

SciFi #51: My Positronic Brain


Jesse shares an original SciFi short story called ‘My Positronic Brain,’ plus a panel discussion of Star Trek: The Next Generation season 4, episodes 7 through 18. Featuring Jeff Salamander, Kayla Greet and Tiffin Perry.

SciFi #50: TNG Season 4 (Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places)

SciFiwithJesseMercuryJesse, Jeff, Kayla and Tiffin begin their whisky fueled discussion of Star Trek: The Next Generation season 4. Kayla provides proof that Data remains fully functional, Tiffin describes her night out with Riker, and Jesse shares a special musical treat.

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