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Month: July 2015

SciFi #5: Jurassic Parks and Recreation

Podcast 5
Jesse and his guest Barton McGuire (aka Divatron of Mugatu) talk all the way through the Jurassic Park franchise, reminiscing about the magic of the first film, the merits of the sequels, and whether or not Jeff Goldblum is a special effect. Is Jurassic World a worthy successor? Is The Lost World better or worse than Jurassic Park III? Is Chris Pratt sexy enough to control raptors with his mind? Let’s find out!FB_IMG_1438201014480

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I’m thrilled to say that my podcast is now on Stitcher! It’s such a great podcasting platform and I’m so excited my show is now included. Don’t forget to subscribe!

Mugatu: The End

This is it, folks. The very last show for my band Mugatu before Barton moves to New Zealand.



Discover the power of kingsblood as MUGATU BURNS!!!! Feeding the flames will be the CHAOTIC NOISE MARCHING CORPS and BUTT DIAL.

Join together, hand-in-hand, as your favorite band of all time extinguishes before your very eyes!

8PM or 9PM or whatever.
Saturday August 8th, 2015.

SciFi #4: He Blinded Me with Science!

Podcast 5

Johnny Unicorn and Jesse Mercury get deep and personal, discussing Captain Eo, SNICK and the relationship between drugs and science fiction. This episode contains special acoustic performances, including a wonderfully intimate version of Johnny’s song Science, and Jesse’s new song Cold Dead World.

For more from Johnny Unicorn visit his website, and don’t forget to check out his Jam Unit at SeaProg on August 9th!

Johnny and Jesse

SciFi #3: SciFi Dreams are Made of These

Podcast 5

This week, Jesse’s guest is the inimitable Johnny Unicorn, an intensely creative prog/pop musician based in Seattle. They talk about their mutual love of injecting science fiction themes into their music, as well as the SciFi they grew up on and how it shaped their imaginations.

Check out Johnny Unicorn on his website, and come see him perform with his Jam Unit (including Jesse Mercury) at SeaProg on August 9th!


Northwest Heat – Music Video Festival

I am thrilled to announce that my music video Relativity (or: How to Stop Worrying and Love the Computer) has been accepted into the Northwest Heat Music Video Festival!

Northwest Heat

  • The concert screening will take place at The Shakedown located at 1212 N State St. in Bellingham, WA on Wednesday, July 15th at 8 PM – Tickets are $3, cash and/or card accepted. Directions can be found here. *This concert will be ages 21+*
  • The final screening and awards announcement will take place at the Pickford Film Center located at 1318 Bay St. in Bellingham, WA on Thursday, July 16th at 9 PM – Tickets are $2, cash and/or card accepted. Directions can be found here.

. Check out their website for details, and don’t forget to watch the video!

Backstage at BootCamp

Wow, what an amazing show last night! I’m thrilled to have been invited, it was a phenomenal group of performers. Here’s some backstage snapshots I took with the Broken Cage Collective.

Show this week!

I’ll be performing some intergalactic music as part of the BootCamp variety show for Broken Cage Collective at the Jewelbox Theater. 7/10, 7PM show. Buy Tickets Here. Here’s the official show description:



Listen up, maggots! It’s time to show the world what we’re made of! A talent show of sorts, BootCamp! allows our collective to connect with the community as we work our various artistic muscles for your entertainment. Performed every other month, get motivated by the spectacle of our unique humor, music, yummy netherparts and feats of human-like art stuff.

This edition features the talents of:
Jesse Mercury
Andrew Creech
Kenzie Kenzington & Chloe Blunter-Hurst
Hunny Bee
Woody Shticks
Ben Wippel
Matt Reed
Charlotte Hemstock
Jax Mourningwood

with Pickup by Penny Banks
Hosted by Rebecca M Davis

BootCamp! is the perfect showcase of Seattle’s diverse artistic body, featuring local artists who wanna strut their stuff for an audience–YOU! IT’S ALL FOR YOU!!!

BootCamp! is part of a fundraising initiative for our Mainstage production, set to go up August 2016. Any donations from generous individuals are a big help. We’d love to continue bringing exciting new work to the world, so please consider becoming a Superhero or CEO of Our Hearts when you purchase your tickets today.

If you’re curious about Broken Cage Collective, please visit our website at for more information about who we are and what the heck we’re doing this for. You’ll like us, you’ll really like us!

SciFi #2: Oops! Wrong species.

Podcast 5Bolians! Evil space worms! Bobbing for Klingon hairstyles! Audri Tapia and Jesse Mercury continue their discussion of Star Trek: The Next Generation season 1. As a recent first time viewer, Audri shares her initial impressions of each episode. Jesse has uncontrollable nostalgia tremors while discussing TNG on the big screen, and his time as a background extra in the 2009 reboot.

SciFi #1: TNG Trek Begins

Podcast 5In the innagural episode of SciFi with Jesse Mercury, our titular host and guest Audri Tapia delve into Star Trek: The Next Generation season 1. Audri is a recent arrival in the world of Trek and Jesse is a die-hard Trekkie from the days of old. Listen as they examine the show from their wildly different perspectives.

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