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SciFi #14: We Were Stardust


Asher describes getting into TNG as an adult, and analyzes Han Solo’s immortal ‘I Know.’ In a special new segment, Jesse shares the work-in-progress studio recording of ‘Cosmic Child.’

Podcast 5

Star Wars Party Wrap-Up

I had the most wonderful time hosting The Party Strikes Back at EMP Museum, and am so grateful for the opportunity. The event went incredibly well thanks to the amazing crowd, fantastic performers and cosplayers, and the tireless efforts of the EMP staff.

Here’s a gallery of photos posted by EMP, where you can get a sense of the magic.


Here’s some of my photos from the evening.

I also took a couple awesome videos of Stormtroopers, R2 and a Jawa dancing, which you can find on my facebook.

Thanks so much to EMP for being incredibly rad.

SciFi #13: Cosmic Child


Jesse is visited by a friend from his old life in San Diego, Asher Mendel. They discuss the intention behind content creation in a vast landscape of reboots, remakes and sequels. Jesse performs his brand new song, Cosmic Child.

Podcast 5

The Party Strikes Back!


EMP invites you to the closing party of Rebel, Jedi, Princess, Queen: Star Wars and the Power of Costume exhibit, and I will be the MC for the evening! Tickets are onsale now at the EMP website. This is my first hosting gig, and I’m totally thrilled to nerd out with a whole room full of people. I hope to see you there!

Lake Charles Film Festival

Lake Charles

My video for Relativity has been accepted to the Lake Charles Film and Music Festival, which will be taking place October 9-11 in Lake Charles, LA. The special guest of honor will be Gil Gerard, Buck Rogers himself! This is the third festival the video has been accepted to, which is a huge testament to the talent of my DOP Justin Minich and the rest of the cast and crew. If you are in the Lake Charles area, the festival seems like it will be hugely entertaining!

Learn How to BE COOL in Under 3 Minutes!

Do you want to Be Cool?

Be Cool is a collaboration between myself and Kenzie and Chloe of Super Famous. The video debuts this evening at our Sketchfest show, but you can listen and download the track right now!

SciFi #12: Things are Looser in South Alderaan


Jesse and Naomi shine a light on the lies of Yoda and Obi-Wan, incest taboos in South Alderaan, SciFi they can believe in, and the struggle to feel good about yourself. Featuring an acoustic duet performance of Asteroid Field. Part 2 of 2.

Podcast 5

SciFi with Jesse Mercury is now on PlayerFM!

My Frasier adoration made manifest

Due to some sort of cosmic idiot luck, I ended up reading as Frasier in a live episode of my favorite podcast with Matt Mira and Kevin Smith at Bumbershoot. Sometimes life is just rad. Check out this episode (I’m in the last few minutes) and all the others.

SciFi #11: Science Fantasy


Jesse is joined by ofttimes collaborator and synth wizard Naomi Adele Smith on a fantastical journey through plot devices and deep feels.  Part 1 of 2.

Podcast 5

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