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Month: November 2015

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The epic conclusion to the trial of Phantom Menace will soon be upon us, and it’s time to decide what comes next! Help us make up our minds by answering this Twitter poll.

The Phantom Menace on Trial (Part 2)

The trial of Phantom Menace continues! The debate gets heated as our fearless panel debates midi-chlorians, cinematic immersion, visual style and much more, with a drunken Toydarian thrown in for good measure. Hosted by Jesse Mercury, co-hosted by Daniel O’Connell and featuring Ryan Casey, Jennie Krantz and Johnny Unicorn. Includes testimony from Pete GeeKay, Lindsey Leonard, Albert Kirchner, Justin Minich, Brian Johnson and Daniel Desrosiers. Visit the SciFi on Trial website to take a listen!

SciFi #21: Hana Hatae – The Real Molly O’Brien

2015-11-23_11.16.30Hear the story of growing up on the Deep Space Nine set, straight from the source. Hana Hatae shares her Trek memories, from believing Rumpelstiltskin was real in season 1 to the series finale 7 years later. Learn about her stints on Family Matters, Kitchen Nightmares, and her upcoming roles in 5th Passenger and Star Trek Renegades. Get acquainted with the young actress as she returns to the screen after a decade and a half, and find out where to go if you want a cocktail served to you by Molly O’Brien herself.

Follow Hana on Twitter @Hana_Hatae.

SciFi on Trial – The Debate Begins!

Here it is, folks! I’ve been working on this for months and I’m super pumped to bring you the first episode of SciFi on Trial. We are putting fan reaction to poorly received films on trial, to see if the hatred is justified. It features a panel discussion of whether Star Wars Episode 1 The Phantom Menace is a garbage movie or an unsung pioneer of cinema, hosted by myself, co-hosted by Daniel O’Connell, with Johnny Unicorn, Ryan Casey and Jennifer Krantz. This episode also features witness testimony to the quality of the film from Pete GeeKay, Lindsey Leonard, Albert Kirchner, Kyle Kennedy, Justin Minich, and a featured interview with Joshua Smith. This is only part one of this epic debate, as we try to determine if the film has been remembered fairly. I would love for you to check it out, and if you enjoy the show please subscribe and share. Check us out on our new website, or subscribe on iTunes. Click the image to go straight to the first episode!


SciFi #20: The One Where Odo Explodes


The boys continue their discussion of all things Star Trek, including fan films, the mirror universe and all the original cast films. Jesse shares his SciFi track ‘Ceti Alpha V,’ based off the film Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan. Chat with them about Trek on Twitter, @SciFiProject and @Ian128k.

Podcast 5

Featured Guest: Manu Intiraymi



Manu Intiraymi is known worldwide for his portrayal of Icheb on Star Trek: Voyager, and reprises that role in the fan made Star Trek: Renegades directed by Tim Russ. His name is a combination of Manu (The Incan God of Law) and Intiraymi (The Incan God of the sun).  Born in Santa Cruz CA, his love of acting was kindled at four years old when he saw a production of Peter Pan at the local community theater.  He made his film debut in “Senseless” working with Penelope Spheeris and Marlon Wayans. He has appeared in many well-known television series including One Tree Hill, Las Vegas, 24, King of Queens, Jag and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. He co-produced and stars in the upcoming SciFi film 5th Passenger, which is currently running an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for VFX.

Manu can be heard in Episode 18 of SciFi with Jesse Mercury discussing 5th Passenger, Icheb and his ever evolving view of the world we live in.






SciFi #19: Redshirts Assemble!

Jesse and Ian

Jesse and fellow Star Trek aficionado Ian Adams nerdgasm over the full spectrum of Trek lore. Ian delves into the five-year mission of the Redshirts, a local fan group watching all Star Trek in chronological release order. They discuss whether or not Klingon Targs are capable of abstract thought, the proliferation of space Nazis, and ponder the save-state potential of sentient computer programs. Ian shares his long cultivated list of Star Trek drinking rules, and Jesse shares an exclusive synth version of Cold Dead World.

Podcast 5

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