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Month: February 2016

A New Way to Support the SciFi Project!

Now you can support the SciFi Project directly through PayPal! 100% of this contribution goes to the artist. I am currently raising funds for the music video for Cosmic Child. Supporters will receive a special gift based on how much they donate, including exclusive podcast content or unreleased recordings. Thank you for your support!

SciFi #31: The Solway Firth Spaceman


Barton McGuire is back for a journey through the speculative and the strange! His new musical project Pink Moon is a collision between science fiction and science fact, examining historical mystery and the moments in our collective consciousness that science cannot explain. Also joining us is Valerie McGuire, sharing her story of a visitation from beyond. Is it aliens? Is it ghosts? Is it ocular migraines? YOU DECIDE! Follow Pink Moon at, and download the music at

Super Famous variety show

Super Famous

I’ll be performing at the Super Famous variety show this Saturday, February 13th, at the Pocket Theater in Greenwood at 8:30PM. Skul-Laytor and his henchperson Flo are up to no good, and the only way to fight is through the power of song and dance. Don’t miss it!

SciFi #30: Bromancing the Stoned (The Story of Mugatu)


It’s the 30th episode of SciFi with Jesse Mercury! To celebrate in a fashion that has absolutely nothing to do with science fiction, Jesse and his bandmates Barton McGuire and Daniel Desrosiers take a stroll through memory lane to recount the sordid history of their outrageous musical project, Mugatu. It’s a wild ride through whisky soaked chaos, as the harmonized yelling of beautiful animals evolved into the angelic machinations of supreme divas.

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