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Month: May 2016

SciFi #41: Tre(X) Files


Sarah has been obsessed with the X-Files for decades, and wants you to believe that the truth is out there. She guides Jesse through a discussion of season 10, explaining what casual viewers need to know to appreciate the brand new episodes. Jesse recounts his recent Star Trek adventures: emcee’ing the opening party for the Exploring New Worlds exhibit at EMP, and participating in a Smithsonian channel documentary for the Star Trek 50th anniversary.

I want to believe (in cosplay)


Sarah and I had a BLAST posing as Mulder and Scully for our new X-Files podcast, and Rachel McCabe did a stellar job taking photos. Check out the full gallery on Facebook.

I’m hosting the Star Trek Landing Party at EMP tomorrow night!

SciFi #40: A Pulsar Map to My Heart


Jesse discovers a new focus for the show before diving into a myriad of topics with Sarah Lehman including Andes Mints and the many possibilities of the universe. Jesse plays Cosmic Child on drum machine and harmonium.

Cosmic Child on Harmonium and Drum Machine

I felt like singing today so I made this video! I hope you enjoy 🙂

Back to the Future Part III on Trial! (Part 2 of 2)


Steampunk trains! Steampunk rifles! Steampunk ice makers! Viggo Mortensen’s penis! All that and much more will titillate your earballs as our SciFi on Trial panel gallops towards the inevitable verdict. They fill plot holes, discuss the legacy, and write an alternate version of the film that might tear apart the very fabric of the universe. Hosted by Jesse Mercury, starring Johnny Unicorn, Ryan Casey, Daniel Desrosiers and Daniel O’Connell, with interviews from Justin Minich, Erin Ingle and Daniel Sanchez. Your future isn’t written yet, except for the part where you fall in love with this glorious episode.

Check it out at!

SciFi #39: Earth Needs Moms


It’s a special Mother’s Day episode of SciFi! Jesse says thank you to his amazing mom Susan for always supporting and nurturing his creativity. She raised a weirdo, and we’re all grateful. Also included is a new work in progress of Lightspeed, and the continuation of Jesse’s conversation with the wonderful Brooks Peck and Amie Simon from the EMP.

SciFi #38: Cumberkhan V Montalkhan – Dawn of EMP


Amie Simon and Brooks Peck from Seattle’s EMP Museum share some tantalizing secrets from their upcoming Star Trek exhibit, and discuss the impact of the franchise on our culture. Jesse shares a song about galavanting through the galaxy with Geordi and Data.

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