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Month: June 2016

SciFi #46: The Search for Stephen


To celebrate a year of podcasting, Jesse chats with the man who played young Spock from Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, Stephen Manley. He shares stories of working with Leonard Nimoy, Robin Curtis and Christopher Lloyd on set, and discusses the infamous Pon Farr scene. He fills us in on his recent work as a leading man, including the soon to be released Ghosthunters and Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter.

Howard the Duck on Trial!

Howard the Duck

In 1986 Howard the Duck waddled onto the big screen, and the multiverse has never been the same. Considered to be one of the biggest flops of all time, this film has become synonymous with bad writing, box office failure, and an egregious bounty of duck jokes. 30 years later, SciFi on Trial takes a second look to determine if this film is remembered fairly. Jesse Mercury hosts a panel discussion with Anica Cihla, Ryan Casey, Maddie Downs and Johnny Unicorn to dissect the film’s reputation. Featuring an interview with Sarah Lehman, and a special message from the cast of Dead Drift.

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Duck Duck Scissors


Duck Duck Scissors delivers Armando-style improv inspired by the real-life stories, songs, and stylings of Seattle’s most endearing and amazing artists. With just a touch of bullshit for good measure. Comedians, singers, dancers, clowns, and anyone in between take the stage to regale you with real tales from their life inspired by suggestions from you. Then Duck Duck Scissors performs fast and furious improv inspired by those stories.

This month features the jaw-dropping Jesse Mercury performing future-techno-scifi songs to amaze!

He’s a cosmic entity flung out of time from the year 3000 who has become Seattle’s favorite Synthpop Superstar and Scifi Podcast Host. He sends musical love waves into the universe to signal help from the timestream to get himself back home at shows like Tiny Baby Talk Show, Super Famous, and The Johnny Unicorn Jam Unit. Now he’ll face his greatest challenge yet: Duck Duck Scissors.

Featuring –
Improvisers: Cory Guebels, Zak Nelson, Randy Cleveland.
Special Guest Monologist: Jesse Murcury

SciFi #45: The Enterprise Has a Very Sexy Badonkadonk


It’s Jesse’s first solo podcast outing, as a special tribute to his Dad for Father’s Day. Topics include positive developments in the Axanar legal drama, Star Trek Beyond, Trekonomics, Doctor Who season 3 and The Walking Dead season 6. He also discusses the loss of Anton Yelchin, who tragically passed away on the day this was recorded.

SciFi #44: Does Daniel Dream of Electric Guitars?


Daniel Timothy Desrosiers discusses his EP Dial 888, based off the seminal novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Philip K Dick. Jesse and Dan examine the creative impulse and how it effects their lives.

SciFi #43: Dead Drift


Jesse is joined by Jason, Ken and Matty from Dead Drift, a SciFi comedy webseries about the uptight captain of a decrepit ship and his bumbling mechanic traversing the galaxy. They discuss the inception, writing, production and inspiration behind their show.

SciFi #42: The World is so Exquisite


Jesse and Sarah discuss the intricacies of relationships, the constant challenges of human interaction, and how those themes will tie into Jesse’s new SciFi comedy webseries.

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