Jesse Mercury

SciFi Synthpop Artist and Podcast Host

Month: April 2017

SciFi #76: Joey in Space

Jesse embarks on a quest to introduce his girlfriend Andi to the world of SciFi, starting with the 1998 reboot of Lost in Space.

You can hear more of Jesse and Andi’s conversation (including Andi’s experience singing the national anthem at a major league baseball game) on the premium SciFi Project Podcast, available on Patreon.


SciFi #75: The Chronicles of the Ghost in the Last Jedi

Jesse reacts to The Last Jedi trailer, reviews Ghost in the Shell and discusses The Chronicles of Riddick with his guest Leah Russell.

SciFi #74: Maybe He’s Born With It, Maybe It’s Lyme Disease (Part 2)

Jesse details his latest medical flare-up and subsequent diagnostic testing, before confronting his new diagnosis.

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