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The Happening on Trial

The Happening is remembered as a poorly acted mess, but is it actually a pitch perfect B movie? (Not a bee movie, because the bees are all dying, because science.) Our panel determines the quality of this film once and for all. Hosted by Jesse Mercury, featuring Billy Anderson, Ryan Casey, Anica Cihla, Johnny Unicorn and an interview from Jayne Smith. Listen at

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SciFi Live: TNG Season 5

SciFi Live with Jefferson Salamander and Jesse Mercury was a big success! Re-live the discuss of Star Trek the Next Generation season 5 below.

SciFi Live with Jefferson Salamander and Jesse Mercury: Star Trek the Next Generation Season 5

Posted by Jesse Mercury on Sunday, January 22, 2017


Jesse’s brand new single ‘Saturn’ is now available on Bandcamp!

Traveler (Music Video)

Check out this brand new music video featuring footage from “Where No Man Has Gone Before,” the episode of TNG in which the Traveler first appeared.

Prometheus on Trial

The new SciFi on Trial puts Prometheus on trial for crimes against fandom. Listen at

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The Guardians Verdict (Ted Talkin’ with Baby Dan)


Jesse and Baby Dan discuss the verdict for the trial of Guardians of the Galaxy, and reveal what’s coming up next time. They also brainstorm a new podcast idea. Listen at

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Guardians of the Galaxy on Trial!


The new SciFi on Trial is here! This time we debate whether Guardians of the Galaxy deserves it’s overwhelmingly positive reception. Listen to the episode, then vote for the verdict!

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Building Star Trek

The Smithsonian Channel just released their new documentary Building Star Trek, with a substantial portion of the film devoted to the Star Trek exhibit at EMP museum. I was interviewed and treated to a special sneak peek of the exhibit, and can be see towards the end of the film! You can find it here for as long as the episode is streaming.


Armageddon on Trial!


The trial of Armageddon is here! Listen at

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