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The Phantom Menace on Trial: The Epic Conclusion


The epic trial of The Phantom Menace reaches its glorious yet inevitable conclusion! Our panel dives deep into the murky waters of racial overtones, the film’s legacy, and fantasizes about what they would have done differently before reaching a verdict. Hosted by Jesse Mercury, co-hosted by Daniel O’Connell and featuring Ryan Casey, Jennie Krantz and Johnny Unicorn. Includes testimony from Pete GeeKay, Andrew Lee Creech, Bobby Boughner, Justin Minich and Kyle Kennedy. Head over to to listen.

The Future of Fan Films is in Jeopardy

This morning it was announced that CBS has filed a lawsuit against the Star Trek fan film Axanar, trying to force them to cease production. Up until this point, CBS has always turned a blind eye to fan productions, as they are usually produced via crowd funding and released for free. Fan films have become a thriving creative outlet, and it is extremely important that CBS not be allowed to curtail the artistic output of passionate individuals. This lawsuit has enormous implications for the future of fan films as a whole. I encourage you to sign this petition, showing our solidarity for fan films and ensuring they are not blasted into oblivion. axanar

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It’s time to vote!

The epic conclusion to the trial of Phantom Menace will soon be upon us, and it’s time to decide what comes next! Help us make up our minds by answering this Twitter poll.

The Phantom Menace on Trial (Part 2)

The trial of Phantom Menace continues! The debate gets heated as our fearless panel debates midi-chlorians, cinematic immersion, visual style and much more, with a drunken Toydarian thrown in for good measure. Hosted by Jesse Mercury, co-hosted by Daniel O’Connell and featuring Ryan Casey, Jennie Krantz and Johnny Unicorn. Includes testimony from Pete GeeKay, Lindsey Leonard, Albert Kirchner, Justin Minich, Brian Johnson and Daniel Desrosiers. Visit the SciFi on Trial website to take a listen!

SciFi on Trial – The Debate Begins!

Here it is, folks! I’ve been working on this for months and I’m super pumped to bring you the first episode of SciFi on Trial. We are putting fan reaction to poorly received films on trial, to see if the hatred is justified. It features a panel discussion of whether Star Wars Episode 1 The Phantom Menace is a garbage movie or an unsung pioneer of cinema, hosted by myself, co-hosted by Daniel O’Connell, with Johnny Unicorn, Ryan Casey and Jennifer Krantz. This episode also features witness testimony to the quality of the film from Pete GeeKay, Lindsey Leonard, Albert Kirchner, Kyle Kennedy, Justin Minich, and a featured interview with Joshua Smith. This is only part one of this epic debate, as we try to determine if the film has been remembered fairly. I would love for you to check it out, and if you enjoy the show please subscribe and share. Check us out on our new website, or subscribe on iTunes. Click the image to go straight to the first episode!


Thrill Night!

thrill night

I’ll be performing a very special synthtastic piece at this event! Don’t miss it!

Star Wars Party Wrap-Up

I had the most wonderful time hosting The Party Strikes Back at EMP Museum, and am so grateful for the opportunity. The event went incredibly well thanks to the amazing crowd, fantastic performers and cosplayers, and the tireless efforts of the EMP staff.

Here’s a gallery of photos posted by EMP, where you can get a sense of the magic.


Here’s some of my photos from the evening.

I also took a couple awesome videos of Stormtroopers, R2 and a Jawa dancing, which you can find on my facebook.

Thanks so much to EMP for being incredibly rad.

The Party Strikes Back!


EMP invites you to the closing party of Rebel, Jedi, Princess, Queen: Star Wars and the Power of Costume exhibit, and I will be the MC for the evening! Tickets are onsale now at the EMP website. This is my first hosting gig, and I’m totally thrilled to nerd out with a whole room full of people. I hope to see you there!

Lake Charles Film Festival

Lake Charles

My video for Relativity has been accepted to the Lake Charles Film and Music Festival, which will be taking place October 9-11 in Lake Charles, LA. The special guest of honor will be Gil Gerard, Buck Rogers himself! This is the third festival the video has been accepted to, which is a huge testament to the talent of my DOP Justin Minich and the rest of the cast and crew. If you are in the Lake Charles area, the festival seems like it will be hugely entertaining!

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