Johnny Unicorn is a psychedelic prog/pop musician and performer. Although he is well known as the keyboardist for Phideaux, his complex and revealing solo albums are his true achievement. He has a unique ability to meld genres and styles, creating a unique and stimulating landscape of sounds, words and textures.

His latest album, Angels in the Oort Cloud, is a loosely conceptual prog epic meditating on the existence of a scientifically proven vengeful God.

For the active individual, he created the exercise album Sadness and Companionship. It was written to be two sides of an exercise cassette tape. It is quite possibly the only progressive pop exercise album in existence. Listen and be amazed.

And finally, to make your day a little brighter, here is Johnny Unicorn’s Jam Unit performing the theme song from Star Trek: The Next Generation with Jesse Mercury on drums.

You can find links to all of John’s albums and various social media on his website.