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SciFi Supplemental

SciFi Supplemental: Matty on SciFi #85

Matty Burdick shares his personal connection to the topics discussed in SciFi #85. Follow this week’s contributor on Twitter: Check out Dead Drift, the SciFi comedy webseries starring Matty as Captain Banks: Listen Read more…

SciFi Supplemental

SciFi Supplemental: Star Wars with Ashley, Gillian and Andi

Ashley Timm shares her first Star Wars memories. Gillian Durkee reminds Andi Alhadeff of the first time she saw Star Wars on a bus during a field trip. This is a supplemental for SciFi #84: Read more…

SciFi Supplemental

SciFi Supplemental: Evan and Cammie – Babylon 5

In the first of a new segment dedicated to giving SciFi fans a place to share their thoughts, Cammie and Evan Carter discuss Babylon 5. Email submissions to Evan is the last librarian, @FromTheWastes Read more…