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SciFi #61: The Star Wars Holiday Special (Part 1)


Jesse and Doug watch the first half of the Star Wars Holiday Special while attempting to reconcile it’s existence in the Star Wars universe.

SciFi #60: Laura Bee Reporting


Get to know international SciFi correspondent Laura Bee through a discussion of bandom, toupees, Doctors, Narnia and a magical tiny house. Spoilers for Doctor Who, particularly the Tenant years.

SciFi #58: Live from the Hellmouth


Amie Simon joins Jesse for a spoiler heavy discussion of the first five and a half seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Jesse explains why he’s been podcast AWOL for the last month.

SciFi #28: The Skill Shot Pincast Crossover!

Skillshot It’s a multiplayer super jackpot combo podcast event, the meeting of SciFi and pinball! Jesse is joined by pinball aficionados Kayla Greet and Graham Klym, the hosts of the Skill Shot Pincast. In part one of their epic conversation they discuss the ill fortune of Ponda Baba, whether or not Data East did justice to their SciFi pinball licenses, and sing an impassioned (drunken) version of Space Oddity by the late, great Bowie. Be sure to subscribe to the Pincast to hear next week’s conclusion.

SciFi #8: It’s Definitely Great White Buffalo

 Podcast 5

Jesse and Audri continue their discussion of Star Trek: The Next Generation season 2. Riker holds his own, the Borg get nasty, and Data is consistently adorable. The writers strike is discussed, culminating in an abominable clip show. Also, Jesse plays a sad song, and tells a sad story. Part 2 of 2.

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I’m thrilled to say that my podcast is now on Stitcher! It’s such a great podcasting platform and I’m so excited my show is now included. Don’t forget to subscribe!

SciFi #3: SciFi Dreams are Made of These

Podcast 5

This week, Jesse’s guest is the inimitable Johnny Unicorn, an intensely creative prog/pop musician based in Seattle. They talk about their mutual love of injecting science fiction themes into their music, as well as the SciFi they grew up on and how it shaped their imaginations.

Check out Johnny Unicorn on his website, and come see him perform with his Jam Unit (including Jesse Mercury) at SeaProg on August 9th!


SciFi #2: Oops! Wrong species.

Podcast 5Bolians! Evil space worms! Bobbing for Klingon hairstyles! Audri Tapia and Jesse Mercury continue their discussion of Star Trek: The Next Generation season 1. As a recent first time viewer, Audri shares her initial impressions of each episode. Jesse has uncontrollable nostalgia tremors while discussing TNG on the big screen, and his time as a background extra in the 2009 reboot.

SciFi #1: TNG Trek Begins

Podcast 5In the innagural episode of SciFi with Jesse Mercury, our titular host and guest Audri Tapia delve into Star Trek: The Next Generation season 1. Audri is a recent arrival in the world of Trek and Jesse is a die-hard Trekkie from the days of old. Listen as they examine the show from their wildly different perspectives.

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