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SciFi #66: Directors Series – Richard Kelly

Jesse and his guest Ryan Casey discuss the three films of Richard Kelly, Donnie Darko, Southland Tales and The Box.


Jesse’s brand new single ‘Saturn’ is now available on Bandcamp!

Traveler (Music Video)

Check out this brand new music video featuring footage from “Where No Man Has Gone Before,” the episode of TNG in which the Traveler first appeared.

SciFi #65: Passengers

Jesse talks through everything he loved about Passengers, and performs his new song ‘My Positronic Brain.’

Prometheus on Trial

The new SciFi on Trial puts Prometheus on trial for crimes against fandom. Listen at

Subscribers of the SciFi Project Podcast can also listen to bonus content cut from the trial!

SciFi #64: Rogue One

Jennie Krantz weighs in on Rogue One, Jesse shares his first reactions. Dedicated to Carrie Fisher.

SFPP #10: Removing Your Brain from the Meat Hardware

 Jesse and Doug discuss replicators, 3D printers, the singularity, Altered Carbon and Jonathan Lethem’s SciFi. Sign up for access on Patreon.

SciFi #63: Cocoon

Jesse and Sarah discuss the 1985 film Cocoon, debating whether or not they would swim in the life giving pool.

SciFi #62: The Star Wars Holiday Special (Part 2)


Jesse and Doug continue their commentary of the Star Wars Holiday Special.

The Guardians Verdict (Ted Talkin’ with Baby Dan)


Jesse and Baby Dan discuss the verdict for the trial of Guardians of the Galaxy, and reveal what’s coming up next time. They also brainstorm a new podcast idea. Listen at

Patreon supporters can hear 20 minutes more of this conversation on the premium SciFi Project Podcast.


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