Jesse’s current podcast project is called Major Pain. This show launched in 2021, creating a library of stories and experiences from people living with chronic illness, in the hopes of helping those with chronic pain, disability, undiagnosed disease or rare conditions to feel less alone. Jesse has a long history with an increasingly disabling mystery illness, which inspired him to create this show.


SciFi Podcasts

Jesse’s SciFi podcast feed began as ‘SciFi with Jesse Mercury,’ which ran for 125 episodes. This era includes full coverage of Star Trek the Next Generation, Babylon 5, notable interviews with Star Trek actors, reactions to new Star Wars films, recurring nerdy friends and much more. The show then evolved into the Space Nerds podcast, featuring a rotating panel of co-hosts covering Firefly, Black Mirror, Deep Space Nine, Star Wars and new Trek. Upon reaching 177 episodes the Space Nerds bid farewell, before Jesse launched the Major Pain podcast. The entire podcast back catalogue is available on this website, as well as on iTunes and many other podcast platforms.


SciFi on Trial

A tribunal of nerds debate the merits of controversial science fiction films.

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