Space Nerds

Your source for intergalactic science fiction and science fact! Each week we bring you a dose of science fiction and science fact, curated by and for space nerds! Currently covering Star Trek Deep Space Nine, Firefly and Black Mirror episode by episode, as well as SciFi chats with special guests and the weekly space news. Hosted by SciFi synthpop artist and game streamer Jesse Mercury, with co-hosts Douglas Gale, Alexandria Henderson and Jayne Smith. Back catalogue includes full coverage of Star Trek the Next Generation and Babylon 5, plus tons of Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Terminator and much more! (Previously titled SciFi with Jesse Mercury)

SciFi on Trial

A tribunal of nerds debate the merits of controversial science fiction films.

The SciFi Project Podcast

A premium podcast including bonus episodes from SciFi on Trial and SciFi with Jesse Mercury, works in progress from the SciFi album and reports from Jesse’s misadventures in nerddom.

This podcast was produced between November 2016 and September 2018. Patrons at $2 per month gain access to all 37 episodes, plus ongoing monthly secret streams.


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