154: Star Trek Picard #8: Broken Pieces

The Space Nerds Star Trek Club discusses Star Trek Picard episode 8, ‘Broken Pieces.’ We parse through the massive info dump in this episode, discussing the motivations of the Zhat Vash, a room full of holograms, Queen Seven of Nine and more. Connect with the Space Nerds Star Trek Club Read more…

142: Star Trek Picard #2: Maps and Legends

Our new Star Trek Club reassembles to discuss Picard episode 2, Maps and Legends. We ponder the fate of F8, discuss Picard’s fall from Starfleet’s good graces, and wade through Romulan secret agencies before rating the episode. Featuring Andi Alhadeff, Douglas Gale, Sarah Russell and Jesse Mercury.

140: Star Trek Picard #1: Remembrance

On this special bonus episode of the Space Nerds podcast: STAR TREK PICARD: We enthusiastically break down the pilot episode of Star Trek Picard, ‘Remembrance.’ Andi and Sarah share their perspective on the show as newbies to the Star Trek universe before Doug and Jesse deep dive through the episode. Read more…

SciFi #101: Time Machine (Modern McFly)

Jeff and Jesse conclude their discussion of Star Trek the Next Generation and reflect on their journey through the show. Jesse shares his brand new SciFi synthpop single, Time Machine (Modern McFly). Download Time Machine: https://jessemercury.bandcamp.com/track/time-machine-modern-mcfly Support Jesse’s content creation on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/jessemercuryscifi Discover Jesse’s SciFi synthpop album, podcast catalog and more: https://jessemercury.com