149: Star Trek Picard #6: The Impossible Box

Star Trek Club assembles to discuss episode 6 of Picard, ‘The Impossible Box’. We spend quality time with Hugh, dream big with Soji, and channel our inner Locutus. We also take a trip through the Delta Quadrant with our Voyager homework, the infamous ‘Threshold.’

142: Star Trek Picard #2: Maps and Legends

Our new Star Trek Club reassembles to discuss Picard episode 2, Maps and Legends. We ponder the fate of F8, discuss Picard’s fall from Starfleet’s good graces, and wade through Romulan secret agencies before rating the episode. Featuring Andi Alhadeff, Douglas Gale, Sarah Russell and Jesse Mercury.

140: Star Trek Picard #1: Remembrance

On this special bonus episode of the Space Nerds podcast: STAR TREK PICARD: We enthusiastically break down the pilot episode of Star Trek Picard, ‘Remembrance.’ Andi and Sarah share their perspective on the show as newbies to the Star Trek universe before Doug and Jesse deep dive through the episode. Read more…