160: Star Trek Discovery (S01E01) The Vulcan Hello

Star Trek Club embarks on a new journey with the pilot episode of Discovery, ‘The Vulcan Hello.’ We discuss the Klingon redesign, Michael’s mutiny, and how much we love Captain Georgiou. Check out our Picard season 1 wrap-up on the Space Nerds Patroncast! https://www.patreon.com/posts/36325947

158: Star Trek Picard #10: Et in Arcadia Ego Part 2

The finale of Star Trek Picard season 1 is here! Our Star Trek Club shares thoughts and feelings about how the first season wrapped up, the season as a whole, and what we want from season 2. We are excited to announce that next week we will be diving into Read more…

154: Star Trek Picard #8: Broken Pieces

The Space Nerds Star Trek Club discusses Star Trek Picard episode 8, ‘Broken Pieces.’ We parse through the massive info dump in this episode, discussing the motivations of the Zhat Vash, a room full of holograms, Queen Seven of Nine and more. Connect with the Space Nerds Star Trek Club Read more…

151: Star Trek Picard #7: Nepenthe

The Space Nerds Star Trek Club gushes over episode 7 of Star Trek Picard, ‘Nepenthe.’ We chat about Troi and Riker’s new life with the adventurous Kestra, the fate of Hugh and Elnor on the Borg cube, Aunty Raffi and the motivations of Dr. Jurati. We get sidetracked when Doug Read more…

149: Star Trek Picard #6: The Impossible Box

Star Trek Club assembles to discuss episode 6 of Picard, ‘The Impossible Box’. We spend quality time with Hugh, dream big with Soji, and channel our inner Locutus. We also take a trip through the Delta Quadrant with our Voyager homework, the infamous ‘Threshold.’

147: Food from Thin Air, Jesse’s Mom on Picard, Black Mirror ‘White Bear’

This week on the Space Nerds podcast: SPACE NEWS: (Starts at 2:25) The Finnish company Solar Foods has figured out how to convert C02, water and electricity into a carbon neutral form of flour called Solein. This groundbreaking form of protein could revolutionize the food industry both on Earth and Read more…

144: Star Trek Picard #3: The End is the Beginning

Our Star Trek Club reassembles to discuss Picard episode 3, The End is the Beginning! We chat about Raffi’s backstory, quantum fingering, questionable hologram accents, and what to do if Romulans invade your chateau. Featuring Andi Alhadeff, Douglas Gale, Sarah Russell and Jesse Mercury.