137: The Rise of Skywalker Roundtable Deep Dive

This week on the Space Nerds podcast: SPACE NEWS: (Starts at 1:36) Can asteroids be mined for water to fuel space exploration? Jesse and Alexandria discuss the possibility in this Space.com article: https://www.space.com/water-rich-asteroids-space-exploration-fuel.htmlRISE OF SKYWALKER: (Starts at 14:24) It’s the first meeting of the Space Nerds Star Wars club! Jesse Read more…

SciFi #116: The Orville and Star Trek and Star Wars and Stuff

After getting sidetracked by the questionable space travel mechanics of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, we chat with Andrew Lee Creech about the first two seasons of The Orville. We discuss how the show continues the legacy of 90’s era Star Trek by examining the social issues of 2019.