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Month: October 2015

Backstage with the BCC

Last night was another amazing variety show with the Broken Cage Collective. I fulfilled a lifelong dream of playing Michael Jackson’s Thriller live on stage. Although some synth trouble made my performance less than ideal, I still had a wonderful time and was very grateful to Flo Flo, Skullaytor, and Dan Desrosiers for helping me bring Thriller to life. The highlight of the evening was without a doubt the insane game of truth or dare that happened backstage during the last half of the show. BCC is such a rad group of people that I’m lucky to be a part of.

SciFi #18: Manu Intiraymi


Jesse is joined by Manu Intiraymi of Star Trek: Voyager and 5th Passenger fame. In a very open conversation they discuss the nature of our society, growing into yourself with fame looming over you, and what it’s like to be a part of the Star Trek universe. Manu shares his excitement to be a part of 5th Passenger, and discusses his upcoming projects. Follow @ManuIntiraymi and @5thPassenger on Twitter.

The introduction to this episode is a personal message from Jesse regarding the recent passing of Seattle comic Meredith Flanders, and the nature of living with chronic pain. Meredith was a wonderfully warm and giving person, and will be terribly missed.

Podcast 5

Featured Guests: Morgan Lariah and Scott Baker of 5th Passenger

Title_Pod_EXplosionThe 5th Passenger is an upcoming science fiction film directed by Scott Baker, featuring cast members from Star Trek and a strong female lead. 5 people are stuck together in an escape pod built for 4. They not only have to survive, but an alien threat is closing in. Starring Morgan Lariah, Doug Jones, Marina Sirtis, Armin Shimmerman, Tim Russ, Manu Intiraymi and Hana Hatae. Morgan and Scott appear on episode 17 of SciFi with Jesse Mercury, discussing their fundraising efforts through IndieGoGo to complete visual effects for the film.


Morgan Lariah is an actress, writer and producer, who not only co-wrote 5th Passenger but stars as Eve Miller. She studied at the American Academy of Dramatic arts in Los Angeles, and is known for her roles in Waiting in Blue (2008) and Lost Heroes (2011). Sigourney Weaver’s portrayal of Ellen Ripley from the Alien franchise was a huge inspiration to Morgan, and her desire to lead a SciFi ensemble cast was made manifest with 5th Passenger.



Scott Baker is a writer, director and steadicam operator. He co-wrote and directed 5th Passenger, and is known for The Diary of Anne Frank of the Dead (2008). He holds a degree in History from Sonoma State University, with a focus on US/Soviet relations and the Cold War. He was a Peace Corps volunteer from 2000-2001 in Turkmenistan. A self-taught filmmaker, Scott pursued acting as a child but fell in love with storytelling while making short video projects with his friends.

on set

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SciFi #17: Morgan Lariah and Scott Baker of 5th Passenger

Scott and Morgan

From the far away cosmic realm of Los Angeles come this week’s guests Morgan Lariah and Scott Baker, to talk about their upcoming indie SciFi feature film, 5th Passenger. They lead Jesse behind the scenes of the writing and shooting of the film, and discuss their current IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for VFX. Also in this episode, hear a sneak peek of Jesse’s conversation with Manu Intiraymi (of Star Trek Voyager and 5th Passenger fame), some gushing over the new Force Awakens trailer, and a new work-in-progress version of Jesse’s song ‘Cosmic Child.’

Podcast 5

Thrill Night!

thrill night

I’ll be performing a very special synthtastic piece at this event! Don’t miss it!

SciFi #16: Beam Up the LadyBro!

LadyBroThis week is the Great Podcast Crossover with Turn Up the LadyBro! Listen to Part 1 at Part 2 features a semi-successful attempt to discuss Ridley Scott’s Alien, waylaid by talk of dating, M. Night Shyamalan, and why Heather and Katie have never slept together.Podcast 5

The Great Podcast Crossover!


The Great Podcast Crossover begins! Today, I’m the guest on Turn Up the LadyBro, another great podcast headquartered in Seattle featuring Katie Tippie and Heather Bartels. They usually talk about dating, feminism and horror movies so we set out to discuss the fact that Heather and I used to date, and the SciFi horror of Ridley Scott’s Alien. Part 1 features most of the dating discussion, where Heather and I examine what goes wrong between two relatively cool people who can’t seem to make it work. Part 2 drops tomorrow, so stay tuned.

SciFi #15: Brazil! (Has Anybody Seen Sam Lowry?)


Have you experienced the utter majesty of Terry Gilliam’s 1985 dystopian classic Brazil? No? THEN GO WATCH THAT MOVIE AND THEN COME LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST. Join Jesse and Anica as they analyze, theorize, and gush over one of the greatest SciFi films of all time.

Podcast 5

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