Greetings! I am Jesse Mercury, a traveler from the year 3000, flung out of time with no way to get home. My only hope is to send musical signals into the cosmos in an attempt to attract a higher form of life capable of sending me back to my time.

To pass the time until holodecks are invented, I create a wide variety of content inspired by my journeys through the cosmos. My greatest creative passion lies in music, and I encourage you to check out my ever expanding album of SciFi synthpop music. My weekly (sort of) podcast SciFi with Jesse Mercury is a continuing discussion about the greatest of genres, science fiction. I take deep dives into my favorite SciFi with my friends and fellow nerds, as well as chatting with creators and contributors to the genre. I also host SciFi on Trial, which features panel debates on whether films are guilty of crimes against fandom. To go behind the scenes of my SciFi work you can subscribe to the premium SciFi Project Podcast, available only on Patreon.

I can be found live-streaming Mario Maker, Breath of the Wild, Mariokart 8 Deluxe and more on my YouTube channel, where you can also find my intergalactic music videos and live podcast recordings. I can be found playing kaizo Mario Maker and ROM hacks on Twitch.

I was known as J-Thrlz in the immortal orgasmic musical explosion Mugatu, and have a back catalog of terrestrial tunes.

If you have information about time traveling technology, please contact Jesse Mercury at

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Lee Austin · February 17, 2019 at 4:48 pm

Good Morning Jesse,

There isn’t a topic today more controversial, divisive and ridiculed than the flat earth theory.

According to an April 2018 Forbes Magazine article, only two thirds of American Millennials believe the

earth is round.

I’ve written a newly published book, “Morning Star’s Tale” the other third may find of interest. An E-Book or printed copy is available for your review at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


“Recently, Morning Star revealed the mysteries of his Luciferian kingdom, including the cosmology of the multiverse and flat earth. Driven by pride, the Light Bearer turns over every stone.”

Lee Austin

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