Two projects that I am a member of will be performing at Bumbershoot on Monday, September 7th!

Super Famous/RadioLARP
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Super Famous is a half hour musical comedy show featuring Lindsey Leonard and Randy Wood as Kenzie Kenzington and Chloe Bluntzer-Hurst, and I’ve had the pleasure of writing music and performing with them in some fantastic shows recently. RadioLARP is a live radio play starring several of our friends, and we are thrilled to be sharing the stage with them!
Super Famous

The Tiny Baby Talk Show
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The Tiny Baby Talk Show is a live sitcom turned web-series disguised as a late night talk show, known for packing the house at our monthly Scratch Deli performances. I’ve been a member of the house band of TBTS for almost two years now, and this show will be my first time going solo since Barton has moved to New Zealand. It’s a great episode full of the ridiculous shenanigans you’ve come to expect, and I’m particularly excited to debut the song ‘I’m a Real Big Fan of Love (Rescue Me).’

Check out the full Bumbershoot schedule here, I hope to see you there!

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