Doctor Who expert Jacob Finkle has compiled a list of recommended episodes for those interested in skimming through essential classic Who. The show was usually split into stories that spanned multiple episodes. The footage for some episodes has been lost, although reconstructions exist for the lost episodes. The recommended story names are listed below, along with season and episode numbers.

1st Doctor – William Hartnell

An Unearthly Child S01E01 (Don’t watch the rest)
The Dalek Invasion of Earth (6 Episodes) S02E04 – S02E09
The Tenth Planet (4 Episodes, 4th Episode Missing) S04E05 – S04E08

2nd Doctor – Patrick Troughton

Tomb of the Cybermen (4 Episodes) S05E01 – S05E04
The Web of Fear (6 Episodes, 3rd Episode Missing) S05E23 – S05E28
The Mind Robber (5 Episodes) S06E06 – S06E10
The War Games (Final Episode) S06E44

3rd Doctor – John Pertwee

Doctor Who and the Silurians (7 Episodes) S07E05 – S07E11
Terror of the Autons (4 Episodes) S08E01 – S08E04
The Three Doctors (4 Episodes) S10E01 – S10E04
The Green Death (6 Episodes) S10E21 – S10E26
The Time Warrior (4 Episodes) S11E01 – S11E04

4th Doctor – Tom Baker

The Ark in Space (4 Episodes) S12E05 – S12E08
Genesis of the Daleks (6 Episodes) S12E11 – S12E16
Pyramids of Mars (4 Episodes) S13E09 – S13E12
The Deadly Assassin (4 Episodes) S14E09 – S14E12
The Robots of Death (4 Episodes) S14E17 – S14E20
City of Death (4 Episodes) S17E05 – S17E08

5th Doctor – Peter Davison

Castrovalva (4 Episodes) S19E01 – S19E04
Earthshock (4 Episodes) S19E19 – S19E22
Caves of Androzani (4 Episodes) S21E17 – S21E20

6th Doctor – Colin Baker

The Two Doctors (3 Episodes) S22E07 – S22E09
The Mysterious Planet (First 4 Episodes of The Trial of a Time Lord) S23E01 – S23E04
(But actually just listen to his audio dramas)

7th Doctor – Sylvester McCoy

Remembrance of the Daleks (4 Episodes) S25E01 – S25E04
The Curse of Fenric (4 Episodes) S26E08 – S26E11
Survival (3 Episodes) S26E12 – S26E14

8th Doctor – Paul McGann

Doctor Who TV Movie (1996)
(And definitely listen to the audio dramas – The Chimes of Midnight is a favorite)

And definitely watch this wonderful 1999 parody written by Steven Moffat:

And here’s Jacob with the 5th, 6th and 8th Doctors!


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