I’ll be performing some intergalactic music as part of the BootCamp variety show for Broken Cage Collective at the Jewelbox Theater. 7/10, 7PM show. Buy Tickets Here. Here’s the official show description:



Listen up, maggots! It’s time to show the world what we’re made of! A talent show of sorts, BootCamp! allows our collective to connect with the community as we work our various artistic muscles for your entertainment. Performed every other month, get motivated by the spectacle of our unique humor, music, yummy netherparts and feats of human-like art stuff.

This edition features the talents of:
Jesse Mercury
Andrew Creech
Kenzie Kenzington & Chloe Blunter-Hurst
Hunny Bee
Woody Shticks
Ben Wippel
Matt Reed
Charlotte Hemstock
Jax Mourningwood

with Pickup by Penny Banks
Hosted by Rebecca M Davis

BootCamp! is the perfect showcase of Seattle’s diverse artistic body, featuring local artists who wanna strut their stuff for an audience–YOU! IT’S ALL FOR YOU!!!

BootCamp! is part of a fundraising initiative for our Mainstage production, set to go up August 2016. Any donations from generous individuals are a big help. We’d love to continue bringing exciting new work to the world, so please consider becoming a Superhero or CEO of Our Hearts when you purchase your tickets today.

If you’re curious about Broken Cage Collective, please visit our website at http://brokencagecollective.weebly.com/ for more information about who we are and what the heck we’re doing this for. You’ll like us, you’ll really like us!

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