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Bumbershoot, Here We Come!

Two projects that I am a member of will be performing at Bumbershoot on Monday, September 7th!

Super Famous/RadioLARP
Words + Ideas Stages
Super Famous is a half hour musical comedy show featuring Lindsey Leonard and Randy Wood as Kenzie Kenzington and Chloe Bluntzer-Hurst, and I’ve had the pleasure of writing music and performing with them in some fantastic shows recently. RadioLARP is a live radio play starring several of our friends, and we are thrilled to be sharing the stage with them!
Super Famous

The Tiny Baby Talk Show
Words + Ideas Stages
The Tiny Baby Talk Show is a live sitcom turned web-series disguised as a late night talk show, known for packing the house at our monthly Scratch Deli performances. I’ve been a member of the house band of TBTS for almost two years now, and this show will be my first time going solo since Barton has moved to New Zealand. It’s a great episode full of the ridiculous shenanigans you’ve come to expect, and I’m particularly excited to debut the song ‘I’m a Real Big Fan of Love (Rescue Me).’

Check out the full Bumbershoot schedule here, I hope to see you there!

Featured Guest: Anica Cihla

AnicaBorn and raised in Wisconsin, Anica is a Seattle based comic and erstwhile SciFi enthusiast. She began her comedy career in the back of a Thai restaurant, so she’s pretty much got this multiculturalism thing on lockdown. Anica’s comedy is an approachable blend of pop culture references, chemistry puns, and self-deprecating anecdotes. She has spread her love of language and Game of Thrones all along the west coast, having performed in Seattle, Portland, Santa Cruz, Sacramento, and San Francisco. Her comedy has been described as “smart and personal,” “well-constructed, bait-and-switch jokes,” notable in that she “really talks about incest a lot.” Anica has performed in the Redwood Comedy Festival and the HIGHlarious Comedy Festival, and one time performed in the back of a defunct sex shop in a strip mall in Las Vegas.

Anica can be heard in the following episodes introducing Jesse to classic SciFi that he is ignorant of:

SciFi #9: I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream

SciFi #15: Brazil! (Has Anybody Seen Sam Lowry?)

SciFi #68: Metropolis for Dummies

Follow her on Twitter and Instagram, it’s for your own good.

SciFi #10: Be Cool

Be Cool

Jesse is joined by Lindsey Leonard and Randy Wood, AKA Kenzie Kenzington and Chloe Bluntzer-Hurst of Super Famous. They discuss a wide variety of SciFi topics, including Randy’s growing disinterest in the genre, contrarian love for Jar Jar Binks, and shooting lasers from your butthole. Featuring the debut of their new track with Jesse Mercury, ‘Be Cool.’

Podcast 5

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