This week on the show:
SPACE NEWS: Scientists are proposing the construction of a lunar space elevator to lower the cost of traveling from Earth to the moon. Alexandria and Jesse debate whether or not this sounds like a good idea. Check out the full article from The Observer here:
FIREFLY: Jayne returns to discuss the hero of Canton in Firefly episode 7 “Jaynestown.” We examine the moral issues present in the episode, and get sidetracked by a bunch of nerdy space stuff.


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Chris Heeley · October 25, 2019 at 1:38 pm

I enjoyed the tangents you and Jayne went on discussing other sci fi series and movies you liked in this episode of the podcast. I’m curious to learn if you watched the Dark Matter series and what you thought since it’s based off a comic book. The three seasons are on Netflix. I feel like it started a little slow but became more enjoyable as the characters got fleshed out.

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