Today’s podcast will be the final episode of Space Nerds. We want to extend a heartfelt thanks to all who have listened to this show, so we put together this massive final episode to say goodbye to Andi, Alexandria, Doug, Jayne and Jesse.
SPACE NEWS: (Starts at 17:31) NASA has released the Artemis Accords, a set of guidelines for humans to abide by in space. Check out the original article from
BLACK MIRROR: (Starts at 31:25) We close out our Black Mirror segment with Alexandria by discussing the final two episodes of series 3, ‘Men Against Fire’ and ‘Hated in the Nation.’ We break down both of these phenomenal episodes, discussing the fictional technology featured in the stories and our reactions to the many plot twists.
LOWER DECKS: (Starts at 02:06:08) Doug and Jesse discuss the first two episodes of the new Star Trek animated comedy, Lower Decks. We debate whether or not the show is striking an effective comedic tone, and accidentally reopen Wiggate.
FIREFLY: (Starts at 02:45:48) Jayne and Jesse finally conclude their journey through the ‘verse with the final episode of Firefly, ‘Objects in Space.’ We discuss the existential emptiness of bounty hunter Jubal Early, and whether or not this is a fitting end to the series.

And with that we’ve reached the end of our podcasting journey. We’ve loved creating every episode of this show, and are honored that you experienced any part of that journey with us. Stay nerdy out there!

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