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SPACE NEWS: (Starts at 4:30) Recent reports have confirmed that Tom Cruise is working with Elon Musk and SpaceX to produce the first big budget Hollywood film in space onboard the International Space Station, but it turns out they won’t be the first filmmakers to shoot on the ISS! Back in 2008 Richard Garriott paid 30 million for a ticket to the ISS, and shot a short film called ‘Apogee of Fear‘ which holds the distinction of first SciFi film ever made in space. Jesse and Doug discuss both projects, and weigh in on the future of cosmic filmmaking. Learn more in this article from CNET:
STAR TREK GENERATIONS: (Starts at 16:07) Generations was the first feature film featuring Captain Picard and the rest of the Next Generation crew, and marked the passing of the torch from the original series cast for the Star Trek film franchise. We kick off our discussion with Jesse picking Doug’s brain to see what he thinks of the film, with Andi joining in at 58:28. Then we kick over to a deep dive with Jeff Tapia (starting at 1:19:01), making their first appearance on the podcast since episode 100! Jeff was the original recurring guest on the show, covering Star Trek The Next Generation. Now they’ve returned to pick up where we left off with the TNG films! Jeff and Jesse talk through Generations in detail, sharing their opinions on Data’s big change, Captain Kirk’s fate, magical space ribbons and much more.

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