BartonBarton McGuire (AKA Divatron) is a mainstay on the Seattle creative scene (until he moves to New Zealand, those lucky Kiwis). Whenever he visits Seattle he invariably stops by the podcast to share his latest musical work. He is a founding member of Mugatu and half of the Tiny Baby Talk Show house band, both with frequent collaborator and bromancer Jesse Mercury. If you are lucky you bought one of his guitar pedals at the High Voltage music store, and have experienced the Neverending Fuzz. His solo project, entitled The Great Pacific Garbage Vortex, is the culmination of years of experimentation with modular synthesis and circuit construction.

Barton also wrote the music for the viral hit game Dungeon Highway, featuring an updated 8-bit sound like a thousand Mario brothers exploding in rhythmic unison.

Arguably his greatest achievement is the spawning of Mugatu with Dan Desrosiers and Jesse Mercury (AKA Manners D-Lux and J-Thrlz). Although this project will come to an end when Barton moves to New Zealand, the ghosts of the minds they blew and venues they burned to the ground will forever haunt the streets of Seattle.

His current project Pink Moon is an exploration of historical mysteries set to lush electro/acoustic arrangements.

Barton can be heard in the following episodes:

SciFi #5: Jurassic Parks and Recreation

SciFi #6: Synth Mantacular

SciFi #27: Star Wars the Next Generation

SciFi #30: Bromancing the Stoned (The Story of Mugatu)

SciFi #31: The Solway Firth Spaceman

SciFi #59: Helicopter Hieroglyphs



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