Jefferson Salamander is a Seattle based singer/songwriter, event host and karaoke enthusiast. She is currently working on a solo album as well as collaborations with Matt Dalton and Daniel Desrosiers of His Many Colored Fruit.

She was Jesse’s very first podcast guest (as Audri Tapia aka Audri the Great) as they began their journey through Star Trek: The Next Generation. They discuss each episode season by season as Jeff watches through Jesse’s favorite show for the fist time.


Jefferson can be heard in the following episodes:

SciFi #1: TNG Trek Begins

SciFi #2: Oops! Wrong Species

SciFi #7: Guinaaaaan!!!!!!!

SciFi #8: It’s Definitely Great White Buffalo

SciFi #32: The Incident at Galorndon Core

SciFi #33: Holodeck and Chill

SciFi #50: TNG Season 4 (Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places)

SciFi #51: My Positronic Brain

SciFi #52: Moisture Farm

SciFi #70: Klingon Birthright (TNG Season 5)


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