2015-11-23_11.16.30Hear the story of growing up on the Deep Space Nine set, straight from the source. Hana Hatae shares her Trek memories, from believing Rumpelstiltskin was real in season 1 to the series finale 7 years later. Learn about her stints on Family Matters, Kitchen Nightmares, and her upcoming roles in 5th Passenger and Star Trek Renegades. Get acquainted with the young actress as she returns to the screen after a decade and a half, and find out where to go if you want a cocktail served to you by Molly O’Brien herself.

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Featured Guest: Hana Hatae – Jesse Mercury · July 1, 2016 at 5:19 am

[…] She can be heard discussing her acting experiences and life after Trek on SciFi with Jesse Mercury episode 21.  […]

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