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Featured Guest: Ryan Casey

Ryan Casey is a writer and performer of comedy in Seattle, WA. He has appeared on a multitude of podcasts, internet radio shows, and even spent an entire year on an FM radio morning show. He moonlights as Episode One Guy on Twitter, a lunatic who loves Phantom Menace more than any other film.  He is a founding member of RadioLARP, a sometimes sci-fi sometimes superhero purportedly entertaining radio play and a regular panelist on SciFi on Trial. Ryan first appeared on SciFi with Jesse Mercury discussing RadioLARP with his writing partner Douglas Gale. He made several other appearances before settling in to the Directors Series, a continuing segment of the show in which Ryan and Jesse discuss the great SciFi auteurs and their contributions to the genre.


Ryan can be heard in the following episodes:

SciFi #34: RadioLARP

SciFi #35: The Nightmare of a Railway Man

SciFi #56: Where’s the Cream Filling?

SciFi #66: Directors Series – Richard Kelly

SciFi #71: Nabooian Tatooian

Featured Guest: Jefferson Salamander

Jefferson Salamander is a Seattle based singer/songwriter, event host and karaoke enthusiast. She is currently working on a solo album as well as collaborations with Matt Dalton and Daniel Desrosiers of His Many Colored Fruit.

She was Jesse’s very first podcast guest (as Audri Tapia aka Audri the Great) as they began their journey through Star Trek: The Next Generation. They discuss each episode season by season as Jeff watches through Jesse’s favorite show for the fist time.


Jefferson can be heard in the following episodes:

SciFi #1: TNG Trek Begins

SciFi #2: Oops! Wrong Species

SciFi #7: Guinaaaaan!!!!!!!

SciFi #8: It’s Definitely Great White Buffalo

SciFi #32: The Incident at Galorndon Core

SciFi #33: Holodeck and Chill

SciFi #50: TNG Season 4 (Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places)

SciFi #51: My Positronic Brain

SciFi #52: Moisture Farm

SciFi #70: Klingon Birthright (TNG Season 5)

Featured Guest: Stephen Manley

StephenStephen Manley is a veteran actor of over 40 years, who’s impressive SciFi credentials include his portrayal of young Spock in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. Although four actors portrayed the role at different stages of development as Spock rapidly aged, Stephen’s scenes as young Spock are the most prominent in the film and include the infamous Pon Farr moment.


He wrote, directed and produced the short film ‘Greasepaint,’ which was a finalist in the Houston International Film Festival and shown on Bravo TV. It features soldiers during World War II experiencing surrealistic moments that blur the lines between life and death in the back of a strange cabaret.

Stephen has recently experienced a renaissance in his career, with leading roles in films such as ‘Ghosthunters’ and ‘Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter’.

He can be heard in SciFi with Jesse Mercury episode #46 discussing his storied career, expounding in glorious detail upon his experiences as young Spock.




GhosthuntersRogue Warrior

Featured Guest: Hana Hatae

Hana 1 Hana Hatae is immortalized for her portrayal of Molly O’Brien in the Star Trek franchise, daughter of Miles and Keiko O’Brien. She made her debut in The Next Generation episode ‘Rascals’ in 1992, and continued to play the character on Deep Space Nine until the end of the series in 1999. She recently made her return to acting, starring in ‘5th Passenger’ and ‘Renegades.’

Hana 3

She can be heard discussing her acting experiences and life after Trek on SciFi with Jesse Mercury episode 21. 




Hana 2

Featured Guest: Manu Intiraymi



Manu Intiraymi is known worldwide for his portrayal of Icheb on Star Trek: Voyager, and reprises that role in the fan made Star Trek: Renegades directed by Tim Russ. His name is a combination of Manu (The Incan God of Law) and Intiraymi (The Incan God of the sun).  Born in Santa Cruz CA, his love of acting was kindled at four years old when he saw a production of Peter Pan at the local community theater.  He made his film debut in “Senseless” working with Penelope Spheeris and Marlon Wayans. He has appeared in many well-known television series including One Tree Hill, Las Vegas, 24, King of Queens, Jag and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. He co-produced and stars in the upcoming SciFi film 5th Passenger, which is currently running an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for VFX.

Manu can be heard in Episode 18 of SciFi with Jesse Mercury discussing 5th Passenger, Icheb and his ever evolving view of the world we live in.






Featured Guests: Morgan Lariah and Scott Baker of 5th Passenger

Title_Pod_EXplosionThe 5th Passenger is an upcoming science fiction film directed by Scott Baker, featuring cast members from Star Trek and a strong female lead. 5 people are stuck together in an escape pod built for 4. They not only have to survive, but an alien threat is closing in. Starring Morgan Lariah, Doug Jones, Marina Sirtis, Armin Shimmerman, Tim Russ, Manu Intiraymi and Hana Hatae. Morgan and Scott appear on episode 17 of SciFi with Jesse Mercury, discussing their fundraising efforts through IndieGoGo to complete visual effects for the film.


Morgan Lariah is an actress, writer and producer, who not only co-wrote 5th Passenger but stars as Eve Miller. She studied at the American Academy of Dramatic arts in Los Angeles, and is known for her roles in Waiting in Blue (2008) and Lost Heroes (2011). Sigourney Weaver’s portrayal of Ellen Ripley from the Alien franchise was a huge inspiration to Morgan, and her desire to lead a SciFi ensemble cast was made manifest with 5th Passenger.



Scott Baker is a writer, director and steadicam operator. He co-wrote and directed 5th Passenger, and is known for The Diary of Anne Frank of the Dead (2008). He holds a degree in History from Sonoma State University, with a focus on US/Soviet relations and the Cold War. He was a Peace Corps volunteer from 2000-2001 in Turkmenistan. A self-taught filmmaker, Scott pursued acting as a child but fell in love with storytelling while making short video projects with his friends.

on set

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Featured Guest: Anica Cihla

AnicaBorn and raised in Wisconsin, Anica is a Seattle based comic and erstwhile SciFi enthusiast. She began her comedy career in the back of a Thai restaurant, so she’s pretty much got this multiculturalism thing on lockdown. Anica’s comedy is an approachable blend of pop culture references, chemistry puns, and self-deprecating anecdotes. She has spread her love of language and Game of Thrones all along the west coast, having performed in Seattle, Portland, Santa Cruz, Sacramento, and San Francisco. Her comedy has been described as “smart and personal,” “well-constructed, bait-and-switch jokes,” notable in that she “really talks about incest a lot.” Anica has performed in the Redwood Comedy Festival and the HIGHlarious Comedy Festival, and one time performed in the back of a defunct sex shop in a strip mall in Las Vegas.

Anica can be heard in the following episodes introducing Jesse to classic SciFi that he is ignorant of:

SciFi #9: I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream

SciFi #15: Brazil! (Has Anybody Seen Sam Lowry?)

SciFi #68: Metropolis for Dummies

Follow her on Twitter and Instagram, it’s for your own good.

Featured Guest: Barton McGuire

BartonBarton McGuire (AKA Divatron) is a mainstay on the Seattle creative scene (until he moves to New Zealand, those lucky Kiwis). Whenever he visits Seattle he invariably stops by the podcast to share his latest musical work. He is a founding member of Mugatu and half of the Tiny Baby Talk Show house band, both with frequent collaborator and bromancer Jesse Mercury. If you are lucky you bought one of his guitar pedals at the High Voltage music store, and have experienced the Neverending Fuzz. His solo project, entitled The Great Pacific Garbage Vortex, is the culmination of years of experimentation with modular synthesis and circuit construction.

Barton also wrote the music for the viral hit game Dungeon Highway, featuring an updated 8-bit sound like a thousand Mario brothers exploding in rhythmic unison.

Arguably his greatest achievement is the spawning of Mugatu with Dan Desrosiers and Jesse Mercury (AKA Manners D-Lux and J-Thrlz). Although this project will come to an end when Barton moves to New Zealand, the ghosts of the minds they blew and venues they burned to the ground will forever haunt the streets of Seattle.

His current project Pink Moon is an exploration of historical mysteries set to lush electro/acoustic arrangements.

Barton can be heard in the following episodes:

SciFi #5: Jurassic Parks and Recreation

SciFi #6: Synth Mantacular

SciFi #27: Star Wars the Next Generation

SciFi #30: Bromancing the Stoned (The Story of Mugatu)

SciFi #31: The Solway Firth Spaceman

SciFi #59: Helicopter Hieroglyphs


Featured Guest: Johnny Unicorn


Johnny Unicorn is a psychedelic prog/pop musician, performer and podcaster. He recently launched The Johnny Unicorn Show, a podcast dedicated to his desire to become a raconteur and defeat the social awkwardness involved with speaking. Although he is well known as the keyboardist for Phideaux, his complex and revealing solo albums are his true achievement. He has a unique ability to meld genres and styles, creating a stimulating landscape of sounds, words and textures. He is a regular panelist on SciFi on Trial, and continues to put out music as both Johnny Unicorn and Zorznijor.


John can be heard on the podcast on the following episodes:

SciFi #3: SciFi Dreams are Made of These

SciFi #4: He Blinded Me with Science

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